Friday, 20 May 2016

SWIM with Dotty O'Bracket

For the last two weekends the Stroud Artists' Books group has been taking part in the Open Studios event at the SVA. There were a great many visitors and it was lovely to speak to some of them while I was stewarding. Some people were quite knowledgeable about Artists' Books had some had never heard of them. I think we recruited a few new members too.
I created two new little books in time for the event and sold quite a few. The images in both were taken from collagraphs which I made a while ago, when working on the prints for the 20:20 Exchange.

SWIM with Dotty O'Bracket is an accordian book with
a little poem and printed and hand-coloured elements. 12.5cms x 11cms when closed (66cms opened out).

I'll photograph the other book today and show you that in the next post.



  1. I was at the Museum yesterday and bought a Twose print. I should be very interested in having more information about the Dot book as I couldn't find anything out about availability when I was there. Love your work
    Louise Palmer

    1. Hi Louise
      Thank you for your comments. Glad you liked the books.
      I did make some smaller, digital versions of the Dotty O'Bracket book which are £15 each (they do have some at the museum near the shop area I think).
      The book on display in the exhibition is made up of original collagraph prints and letterpress type. It is one of a variable edition of 5 books (ie they are not identical). Those Dotty O'Bracket books are £75 each.
      We had to write some information for an 'artists folder' but sounds like that has gone astray. If you let me have your email address I will send you the piece I wrote for it.
      Best wishes

  2. Kate
    My email is and I will try to get back to the museum before I leave
    Thanks for the response and best wishes