Sunday, 10 June 2012

First prints out of the studio!

At last I have done some printing! I produced this series of small collagraphs earlier in the week. They were sort of inspired by the patients in the natural health practice where I help out sometimes. I wanted to capture how they seem to feel relaxed and held and comforted. I tried to make them look as if they are wrapped in a soft duvet or big blankets but that hasn't worked quite as well as I'd hoped. I might do some more next week. The first one is loosely based on a sketch of a sculpture I saw in France years ago but I don't know who it was by. 

Click on images to enlarge

As my family have gleefully pointed out I have had only limited success with the 'blankets'. I do accept that the one above looks rather snake like (I was trying to get the texture of one of those cellular baby blankets). And number 3 looks a bit like a meditating monk. But it is a bit harsh that they refer to the prints collectively as my 'poopoohead' series!