Friday, 15 June 2012

Art Degree Shows

I've been to two Art Degree shows in the last few days. One at Cardiff  Metropolitan and one at UWE, Bristol.

We were at the first day of the one in Wales because my daughter was exhibiting. (see post on 17.5.12) It was very busy and I was unable to take photos but there was some really good stuff there, paticularly in 'Printmaking'. At the 'Sale of Work' stall we bought a great screen print from one of Hannahs classmates, Amber Kelly.

The Degree show at UWE was much quieter and we were able to have a good look round. I always love to see the work of the 'Multidisiplinary Printmaking MA' graduates and they kindly let me take some photos. I sometimes daydream about what it would be like to do that course. There was also a fair amount of printmaking in evidence from the 'Drawing and Applied Art' and the 'Illustration' students and I took a few snaps of my favourites there too. (Click on the images to enlarge them)

Page from an Artists Book by V. Farrance (DAA)

Print from series by A. Parsons (DAA)

Print from series by A. Parsons (DAA)
Page from an Artists Book by B. Dunbabin (DAA)

Mixed media print by J. Poole (DAA)

Screen print and printed enamel by J. Lynch (MDP)

Printed enamel moths by S. Brown (MDP)
Printed enamel by S. Brown (MDP)

Printed ceramic plate (MDP)

Ruby Taylor (Illustration)

Printed textiles by G. White (Illustration)