Saturday, 7 April 2012

Clouds of brick dust and a crow doll

I have finished covering Ronnie Rhino in fabric pieces and when he's quite dry I'll have to decide what colour to paint him. Dark red is my favourite at the moment.

I did take a cursory look on the internet to see what colour they are in the wild and noticed that rhinos are often photographed with birds sitting on them. Often crows. So I thought I might make a friend for Ronnie.

Its going to be a larger version of a doll I made a little while ago. She was called Cawdelia and I designed her for my daughter who loves crows. The new doll, who will sit on Ronnie, will be about 30ins tall. I cut the fabric pieces out this morning and I'll sew it up and start painting it tomorrow hopefully. 
Cawdelia lives in Cardiff now

The transformation from chicken shed to artist's studio has begun. You just need quite a lot of imagination at this stage! It was all hands on deck today. Even if you were just visiting a hammer and chisel was thrust in your hands!