Thursday, 31 March 2016

It's a Cracker!

I have just finished my contribution to a collaborative artist's book project.
A group of us have been working on a small edition of 'cracker books' inspired by a collection of cracker toys inherited by a fellow member of the UWE Artist's Book Club. We each had to select some toys and use them as a starting point for an edition of 10 cracker-shaped books (a notched gatefold format).
So when everyone has finished there will be 10 boxed sets of the different crackers.

I chose a turtle and a little figure of a child as inspiration for my books. I made up a story, comic book style, about a boy finding a giant tortoise in the snow one Christmas. I haven't seen all the others yet but I know some people have made screen printed images of their toys. One of the boxed sets will be in the Artist's Book Club exhibition in the Bower Ashton Library at UWE starting on 19th April.