Monday, 27 October 2014

Recent Graduates Exhibition at the Affordable Art Fair

A selection of my work was on show at the Recent Graduates Showcase at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea. I dropped my stuff off on Monday and was persuaded to return for the PV on Wednesday evening. It was REALLY busy. 
A huge space at the entrance to the Fair is given over to the Graduate Exhibition. The Rabbitmen were displayed differently, again (see below) and the Frog Prince was on a plinth right in the middle of the room. Birdbabies and StoryKeepers were also on show.
Thousands of people will see my work over the next few days which is great but it's really made me think about a lot of things, particularly about the presentation of artwork. There was SO much good art on show in the gallery spaces (mostly really reasonably priced) all competing for visitors attention. 


A child ran off with the Frog Prince's crown over the weekend. He looks even more forlorn without it, in this photo taken by the fair organisers. Little did I know at the PV that the Frog Prince would soon no longer be mine. He's going to live in Scotland. Not in a castle but in a very large house.

Friday, 17 October 2014

20:20 Print Exchange

Later this month some of the members of the Gloucestershire Print Co-op are taking part in an annual Print Exchange with other print workshops round the country. I decided to take part this year.
Each artist produces an edition of 25 prints each measuring 20cm x 20cm, [paper size]. In return each participant will receive a portfolio of 20 randomly selected prints from all over the UK and Ireland. Last year 585 artists from 40 print workshops created 14,625 prints.

Instead of making a new print one of my options was to use a little etching which I made on the 'Introduction to Etching' workshop at uni last year. The print wasn't that exciting - it was my first ever etching after all. Inking it up in different ways didn't really improve it, so then I experimented with colouring the print with watercolours. Painting prints seems to be frowned upon by purists but it really brought this little etching to life. Enough that I thought it would be acceptable as my contibution to the exchange. I printed and painted the edition of 25 over 2 days last week and I've just finished numbering and signing them ready to send them on their way. Now I'm looking forward to seeing what prints I get in exchange...

Sunday, 12 October 2014

RWA OPEN EXHIBITION - Coaching Emerging Artist Award

The Rabbitmen were selected for the RWA Annual Open Exhibition and I attended the PV this afternoon. I left it to the curators as to how the figures were installed and they arranged them on several small shelves at head height and above. I was quite surprised although I don't know why really. So far everyone has organised them differently (and that freedom to group them in various ways is part of the work). Looking up at them feels quite odd to me (as well as being a very unforgiving vantage point!). Interesting though.

 I was also lucky enough to be awarded one of the prizes. 'The New Creations Coaching Emerging Artists Award'. My prize is £240 worth of creative consulting with a company called New Creations Coaching. I'm looking forward to finding out whats involved. I think it will be really useful to me at the moment. Stephen snapped this photo with his phone as I was recieving my prize.

I will have to go back to and have another look at the exhibition. I noticed work of some particular favourite artists of mine, including Nicola Bealing and Kerry Phippen but it was very crowded (as PVs should be) and I'd like to have a good look round when it's quieter.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Starting an MA in Multi Disciplinary Printmaking

At the end of September I came back from a relaxing couple of weeks in Ireland (staying with my lovely aunt and uncle) just in time to start my MA in Multi Disciplinary Printmaking at UWE.
The first semester is mostly taken up with workshops covering various printmaking techniques and starting a Critical Jourmal covering all our art related activities.
When I first started at UWE I went straight into the 3rd year to finish my BA which I found quite difficult. Everyone was really friendly but they had all been there for 2 years already. It's really nice to be on a course from the begining, starting with everyone else. Also I get to do some printmaking at last - although I will also be continuing with my ceramic work too. I'll keep you posted.

I was on holiday for most of the View Gallery exhibition and for the Bristol Affordable Art Fair (where the DrugStore Gallery showed some of my pieces). But I did sell work at both venues which is great news. Just need to keep the momentum going...

StoryKeepers at AAF, Bristol along with work by Benjamin Buckley and Lily Urbanska