Thursday, 26 April 2012

The studio so far.....

I'm back from the seaside and work on the studio has resumed. Just before we left I took these photos.I am so lucky to have had so much help. It already looks amazing!

I taped up the joins in the plasterboard and gave the room two coats of white paint. There are four windows which let in loads of light - especially now that the years and years of  yuck have been scrubbed off. I don't think the chickens were very houseproud! My old plan chest needs a good sort out. All manner of random stuff has got put in there since I moved.

My lovely brother fitted the secondhand catering sink which I bought on ebay. The splashback behind the sink is an offcut of printed vinyl-covered hardboard which I found in the freebee bin at Ikea. The handsome stable door was already there, luckily.

Most of the work has been done by my wonderful partner, Stephen, including fitting the worktop (£35 from B&Q), and the splashback. He also sorted out the electrics and customised the drawers (donations from two friends) so they fitted under the work top.

On one side of my new space is the old wooden chicken shed (which we now use as a log store). On the other is Stephen's workshop.