Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Pretty in pink?

Some very manly men look good in pink and I think the same is true of rhinos. I like to think that Ronnie is confident of his masculinity and can therefore carry it off. He is, after all, 7ft long and quite heavy.

Despite his size and colour he wouldn't make a very good scarecrow. I took him outside for a graze in the garden near the bird table and the birds took no notice at all, just carried on eating. 

The 'fabric mache' over the rotten leather has worked quite well. The colour is a bit solid as it is. I haven't ruled out sanding him back and distressing him or even covering him in polka dots. And I'm not sure if he doesn't need to be a bit darker. I'll have to live with him a for a bit and work out what needs to be done to him next. He's going to stand in front of some very large windows in the sitting room so he'll be able to gaze out in to the garden.

Meanwhile, the studio is gradually taking shape. We had some heavy rain and hail today, as well as sunshine, which highlighted the fact that the windows are not as weatherproof as we thought. Need to get the silicone gun out tomorrow.