Saturday, 13 April 2013

Porcelain Dolls

I've been trying to make some little porcelain dolls recently. The first two were OK  but I've had trouble with the arms breaking off subsquent dolls - they are so fragile before they are fired. The ceramics technician at UWE said it could be that I was letting the clay dry out too much before attaching the limbs. I've left the damaged dolls to be fired anyway  but I won't get them back till after the holiday now.

I started off trying to make a doll who was sewing herself up. I think her right arm really needs to be a bit higher, as if she's pulling the thread through the stitch, although I haven't actually given her a needle and thread yet.
The second doll was just an experiment really to see if I could construct her in a different position. At least I remembered to put some ears on that one.

The clothes are made of cotton stiffened with potato starch. At the moment I want them to be dolls rather than figurines although I'm not quite sure why.



I'm hoping to put some prints in the Mini Print exhibition which the Co-op are holding in May.
Pop in if you can. There's bound to be a huge diversity of printmaking techniques on show.