Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Bird Man Collagraph

Yesterday I printed a collagraph plate I had been working on at the weekend. It didn't come out too well - not enough contrast - no matter how I inked it up. Rather than just abandon the plate I decided to work on it a bit, then cut away the background and reseal it.

I printed it again, thinking perhaps I could use a different background eventually.
Marginally better, but not much. (and they look better on here than they do in the flesh)

Then I worked into some of the other prints with various media - just to experiment really. This one has been worked on with a white water soluble crayon.

This one has been worked on with black soft pastel and the print cut out and photographed on black paper.....

.....and white paper.

(Click on images to enlarge)

Oh well, onwards and upwards....At least I have learned quite a lot from my experiments. But still feel deflated. But now I want to start on a new plate of the bird man. I'll let you know how it turns out.


  1. Contact me at aine@ainescannell.com anytime you want advice re a collagraph thats giving you problems !!

  2. oh and I dont know if the other comment I made went through as no capcha came up for non robot verification - darn it

    but I asked you to enable your follow by email gadget on your layout area of your dashboard. Please let me know if you do as I like your art !!

    1. Hi Aine,
      So sorry I haven't replied to your comments earlier but I've only just found them today. Don't know why they didn't appear on my email. Anyway, a belated thankyou so much for your offer of help.
      I've just spent an inspirational half hour or so looking at your website/blog. I really like your artwork. I also admire the way you describe the development of your work on your blog, your thought processes etc.
      Don't know if you'll get this. I'll try commenting on your blog too